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Whitechapel Bell Foundry offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure the very best in quality tower bell installations from survey to completed project, which may be undertaken in full by the company or in conjunction with local "self-help" labour.

Survey We offer a full service - site visit, full report and estimates - at a nominal charge.
Bells We cast bells to four standard shapes, plus special profiles if specified, to suit all requirements for change ringing, stationary chiming and carillons.
Tuning Old and new bells are tuned using tuning forks or electronic pitching devices as appropriate with bells tuned to either Simpson or 'old style' standards, to ensure the perfect match in tonal and pitch quality for each individual project.
Headstocks New headstocks are manufactured in cast iron, steel, or timber. Our latest design of canon retaining headstock produces bell handling characteristics indistinguishable from those of modern, flat headed bells.
Bearings Double row, self aligning bearings are fitted as standard. Special types of bearings and housings may be supplied as required.
Clappers and Staples Ductile cast iron clappers and staples are supplied as standard. Wrought iron clappers are supplied where required, and repairs to old wrought iron clappers are undertaken.
Wheels English oak is used for wheel spokes, and stainless steel woodscrews are always used to avoid splitting.
Pulleys Moulded nylon pulleys running on two sealed ball bearings are supplied as standard, ensuring low friction, low inertia, and low noise levels. Hardwood pulleys may be supplied if preferred.
Ropes High quality, good value Whitechapel bellropes (Red/White/Blue sally) are supplied as standard. Special combinations of colours are also available. Polyester top ends spliced as required. Current price list and ordering details available on request.
Rope Bosses Stainless steel bosses are supplied as standard for durability and low noise.
Bell Frames Bell frames are supplied in configurations of steel, cast iron, and timber as required. A design service is offered for those wishing to build their own frames.
Spares and Repairs Spare parts and materials for maintenance are available for all our products and include such items as castor oil, tallow, paint, grease, stays, sliders, runner boards etc. Bell ropes, wheel re-rims, wrought iron clapper repair.... and friendly advice is always available!

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