Shown below are the technical publications available from the Foundry. These cover a variety of subjects of interest to the ringer or tower keeper ranging from the basics of double-handed change ringing on handbells to the maintenance and repair of tower bells and their bellframes. Please enquire for postage & packing rates to your location.

cover of book The Conservation and Repair of Bells and Bellframes
This is the Code of Practice published by the Council for the Care of Churches and as such it should be referred to before repair of bells and bellframes in churches in England, and adhered to thereafter. It contains much practical advice and technical information.
ISBN 0-7151-7599-8 (32 pages) £9.99p
(see also TOWERS AND BELLS - ed. Alan J.Frost)

The Maintenance of Whitechapel Handbells
Published by WBF, this is the essential guide to the maintenance and refurbishment of Whitechapel handbells. (18 pages) £3.00p

cover of book
cover of book The Beginner's Guide to Change Ringing on Handbells by William Butler
Ringers who have struggled to plain hunt on a tower bell usually consider that change ringing on two handbells is impossibly involved and far beyond their capabilities. The purpose of this booklet is to disprove this.
(32 pages) £2.50p

Change Ringing on Handbells by C.W.Wooley
A guide to double-handed change ringing on handbells for those who have progressed from being beginners. The perfect follow-up to the previous booklet.
(54 pages) £2.50p

cover of book
cover of book Place Notation
This booklet provides a starting point for ringers wanting to understand the basic principles of place notation. It outlines how methods work and how place affects a method. The fundamentals of ringing by place notation are given, along with sample methods.
(12 pages) £2.50p

Beginners Handbook by Malcolm Tyler
This booklet is intended as a new bellringer's companion. It is a book to help in further understanding those things taught under instruction in a tower, a book to consult after practice as an aid in absorbing the information acquired at practical sessions in the belfry.
(44 pages) £2.50p

cover of book