As well as manufacturing new handbells to the very highest standard, the employees in the handbell department of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry have long been the acknowledged leaders in the field of handbell restoration. New musical handbells are an expensive instrument to purchase, but even the oldest most neglected handbells may usually be restored to form a completely satisfactory alternative at a much lower cost than the equivalent new set.

The renovation of old handbells requires the application of considerable skill and knowledge in order to satisfactorily accomplish the desired result of an "as new" set following such work, particularly if the bells are to be re tuned to conform to modern pitch standards.

Whitechapel are expert at replacing leather handles and caps with new, hand tooled leather of appropriate grade and thickness, and if you wish to keep your old leather parts for historical or sentimental reasons we will be happy to return them.

Wherever possible Whitechapel will re use existing inside mechanisms fully refurbished with new spring felts, clapper pegs, staple pins and staple washers so that they function efficiently, but if these mechanisms are beyond economical repair we will recommend replacing with new.

Whitechapel will not give firm quotations for work without seeing the bells and this entails delivering the bells to the foundry for us to undertake a full inspection. We will subsequently submit a written report detailing our findings and setting out our recommendations for any work that may be required together with firm estimates of cost.

There is a nominal charge of £1.00 + VAT per bell for undertaking the inspection and report, and there is no obligation to have any of the recommended works undertaken, however if any of the recommended works are undertaken within one year of our inspection, we will credit the sum of £2.00 per bell to which work is undertaken to your final account.

Whitechapel Bell Foundry's repair prices may be higher than others, but remember that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten! If you wish to bring or send the bells to us for inspection, please contact us to make an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.