APRIL 2008


Big Ben arrives at

Thursday 10th April 2008 marked the 150th anniversary of the casting of Big Ben, the most famous bell the foundry has ever produced. Weighing 13 tons 10 cwt 3 qtrs 15lbs, the great bell of Westminster - to give it its formal name - was cast on Saturday 10th April 1858. As you'll note from the contemporary illustration above, before it was dubbed 'Big Ben' there were those who thought it should be named 'Victoria'. The full story of Big Ben can be found here.

Alan & Kathryn Hughes
interviewed for PM programme

Needless to say, the anniversary attracted a lot of media interest and the Whitechapel director, Alan & Kathryn Hughes, spent all of Wednesday and much of Thursday itself dealing with photographers, film crews, and reporters. This resulted in some impressive press coverage including a double-page centre spread in Thursday's edition of The Guardian devoted entirely to a photograph of the WBF moulding shop. Here are links to a selection of the online coverage:

Daily Mail, Associated Press, CNN, ITN, MSNBC, Yahoo, USA Today.

At close of business on Thursday, the directors and staff of Whitechapel Bell Foundry gathered in the foundry's front shop to drink a toast to Big Ben. Here's to another 150 years!

Alan Hughes speaking
at the toast to Big Ben

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