OVINGHAM - Church of St. Mary the Virgin

At the end of January, with the help of local labour, Neil Thomas (who also took these photos) and Mark Walland of WBF hoisted and installed the new ring of eight bells at St. Mary the Virgin's church at Ovingham in Northumberland.

With a tenor of only 28 ¾" in diameter this was a small enough ring that it could be fitted directly onto a steelwork grillage without the need for framesides. This grillage was designed by WBF but fabricated locally.

As shown in the photo below, the design also had to allow for ropes from above to pass through the centres of some of the stringers.

This design necessitated the pulley boxes being floor-mounted and meant that the sliders and runner boards had to be secured to posts fixed to the underside of the grillage.

When the installation was complete the local ringers were eager to ring them and were pleased by the result.

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