So much fun .... so easy to play .... and so affordable!

Boxed Handchimes Holding a handchime

Handchimes were developed in the early 1980s as a more affordable alternative to conventional handbells. Sharing the same basic characteristics as handbells, handchimes are a versatile and durable musical instrument now finding favour with organisations and groups of all kinds around the world. Designed to stand up to the hardest of treatment in the classroom and in all aspects of music therapy, these precision tuned, carefully engineered instruments represent excellent value wherever a ringing instrument is being considered.

Handchimes are manufactured from matt-coated aluminium which cannot corrode
Are extremely durable, requiring little maintenance
Notes with sharps and flats are black as on a keyboard for easy recognition
Damping of the sound is easy achieved with a touch on the body
Chimes have a note and pitch designation which is prominent and easy to read
Handles are easy to grip making them ideal for use by children and the elderly
Individual chimes may be purchased to augment standard sets
Musically satisfying in sound and accurate in pitch
Educationally suited to many aspects of the UK National Curriculum
Sets are compact and lightweight making them easy to transport

12 note and 2 octave sets available to purchase from our online shop. For all other sets and chime enquiries please contact us direct.

Handchimes are usually available from stock. Postage and packing will be charged extra.

For prices of the full range of handchimes and order details,
email us at handbells@whitechapelbellfoundry.co.uk


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